Shoelutions develops shoes with leftovers from Valmet’s felt production

After a research work of the CTCP with the company Valmet, aiming at the valorization of production residues of that industry, the shoe company Shoelutions, is industrializing this idea and has already developed some prototypes of shoes with the leftovers of felt from the company Valmet.

These leftover materials that were previously evaluated by the CTCP, have the necessary characteristics for use in footwear.

“After a first contact with the CTCP, it was concluded that the materials have great potential for use in the footwear industry and this is where the company Shoelutions comes into action. Shoelutions developed shoe samples, using the material reused from Valmet, in order to understand how the materials respond to the needs of production and footwear creation.
Other tests were also carried out, such as printing patterns on these materials. These tests gave rise to three footwear samples”. Adds the company in a statement.

The industrial unit of the multinational company Valmet, located in Ovar, produces fabrics and felts for the most diverse industries. However, the process and the type of products produced, leads to a large amount of waste, so the company intends to create synergies with the footwear industry, components and leather goods, for the reuse of this production waste.

The commitment to sustainability is a reality increasingly present in the different sectors, hence the importance of creating synergies between the various sectors, giving life to innovative products, while valuing waste.