Water Resistant vs Water Repellent vs Waterproof: What’s the difference?

When the time comes to buy a new pair of shoes, especially in the colder and more rainy seasons of the year, the tendency is to choose something that protects from the rain and does not allow water to enter. However, there are different options, which may or may not meet what you are looking for. Know all the differences in this article.

Water resistant shoes

Water resistant is the lowest level of water protection of the three. Shoes of this type block certain levels of water entry, but are not waterproof. As a rule, it refers to the material used in footwear, which is used in such a way that it resists more strongly compared to common footwear materials, thus providing greater protection against water.

Water repellent shoes

For this type of footwear, as a rule, the materials used have been chemically treated with special products, which cause water to accumulate in the material and slide, instead of entering. Water is repelled more strongly than water-resistant shoes and are ideal for when you have long-term exposure to water.

Waterproof shoes

Waterproof shoes are the highest level of protection against water. The material in this type of footwear prevents water absorption from happening and is measured with a 9-point scale. This scale aims to define the impermeability of a material, and the larger the scale, the greater the impermeability.