How to reduce costs in footwear manufacture?

Improving the efficiency of production lines and reducing spending on resources are important goals to be followed by the footwear industry. That’s why we give you five tips to make it easier. The goal? Have a more competitive price and help the planet.

1 – Reduce energy consumption

This is an important part of the footwear sector, as several machines are used that end up consuming energy. Switching off high-consumption machines whenever they are not being used, turning off the lights in sections that are not in operation or investing in alternative energies are some tips that will help you save.

2 - Bet on realistic 3D drawings to produce fewer samples

The costs associated with developing samples are very high for companies.

Reduce prototyping time and cost by replacing physical samples with realistic digital models, thus responding to market demands, accelerating the design and development of new models.

3 – Manage the materials in stock in an organized way

Use certified software to manage needs and materials in stock. This management will also allow you to define minimum stocks and store by sector, that is, you will be able to detect failures, find materials more quickly and avoid buying unnecessary materials.

4 – Properly plan productions

Gathering several productions, only when you have all the materials and grouping orders in the same way, are just two examples of planning production for greater profitability. Requirement management software is also a useful tool for scheduling manufacturing plans.

5 – Evaluate and optimize manufacturing processes

It is important to do some experiments using different methods and recording times to achieve a more simplified and efficient manufacturing process at each stage of production. Reinforcing quality control so that there is less waste and betting on automation will also help to improve performance.