Trend or Future: Footwear and Sustainability – Shoelutions is present at the Footwear Museum exhibition in São João da Madeira

The Footwear Museum, in São João da Madeira, celebrated its six years of activity with the exhibition “Trend or future? Footwear and Sustainability”, in partnership with CTCP and Apiccaps, which can be visited until June 25, 2023.

This exhibition aims to present innovative actions for a more sustainable future for footwear production in Portugal, through projects, materials and products. Shoelutions contributed to this exhibition with some sustainable brands that are produced by us, among them: J-UNK, the only footwear brand that uses hoses damaged in fires, in addition to using vegetable tanned leather and bio leather in the lining; Lazuli, a women’s footwear brand that increasingly seeks to introduce natural or recycled materials into its models; RC Shoes, a brand of men’s shoes with models that can be made from bio-based materials, such as cereals; Skizo, a unisex vegan brand that reuses recycled plastic taken from the oceans and No Saints, a vegan brand that uses Pinatex in most of its footwear, which is the reuse of pineapple leaves.

To see all these brands up close, we invite you to visit the Footwear Museum!