Trend Colors

“A Window to the Future of Color” is the theme of this trend colors. It’s a selection of five colors that reflect a feeling of realignment and of adjustment into society and technology. These colors also pass from the digital to the physical world.

Get to know better the five colors.

Fondant Pink

This color transmits a sense of easygoing youthfulness. We can expect to see it in the wear area, more precisely in casual and children’s wear.

Elemental Blue

Stability and moderation are the two principal adjectives of this color, without losing its versatility as it suits both minimal aesthetic and matte finishes as well high simmer and tactility.


This is a color that is going to be important for classic styles and also relates to consumer trends created by the pandemic, like sustainability, resale and thrift shopping.

Radiant Red

Suitable for various fashion categories, the Radiant Red engages self-care and it’s also a great color for 3D Design. It gives a feeling for a more affectionate and loving culture.

Cyber Lime

Cyber lime is the connection between nature and technology and we can expect to see it in the youth fashion sector.

Trend Crochet

Be prepared for this trend that is going to take spring-summer 2023 season by storm, but also the SS 2024 season. This fashion that was very present in the 70s in a Boho style, is used in multicolored tones, but also simply in neutral tones. The embroidery and crochet is very suitable for summer with light cotton and linen fabrics.

Trend Hot-Cold

For this season, the hot cold contrast is going to be particularly strong and the characteristics associated are exotic, warm and powerful. We are going to see a harmonious contrast, due to the combination of the strong contrast between warm colors with cold colors.