Theme week: Footwear for diabetics

CTCP will promote, between the 6th and 10th of March, a week dedicated to footwear for diabetics in partnership with Shoelutions.

During this week there will be a workshop at the FabLab and intensive technical training, with the technical specialist in footwear Michal Spacek, workshops and a seminar on footwear for diabetics.

We would like you to book this week in your diary now. Program and registration to be made available soon.

This theme has been the subject of research and development of training content, within the scope of the Erasmus+ DiaSHOE project (, in which the following online courses were developed:

Designers, shoe technicians and product managers – shoes for diabetics


– Introduction

– diabetes mellitus

– Diabetic foot syndrome

– The Diabetic Foot – Anatomy and specificities

– Footwear functionality – diabetic foot movement activity and health

– Materials and components for diabetic footwear – comfort

– Design, construction and production methods for diabetic footwear

– Planning, production and quality management strategies for diabetic footwear

Health technicians and shoe store assistant


-Anatomy and complications of the diabetic foot

-How to identify problems to refer for medical advice?

-Footwear for people with diabetes

-Control parameters in footwear for diabetics

-Needs of diabetic patients

These courses were developed in 7 different languages, including English and Portuguese, and are available online, free of charge, by simply registering and accessing HERE

Source: CTCP