Poveda Textil revolutionizes fashion with its collection of fabrics made from palm trees

Poveda Textil, a reference in the textile industry, presents its latest innovation: a fabric made from Alicante palm trees and a collection of revolutionary fabrics made from waste from Alicante palm trees. This collection marks a milestone in sustainable fashion and highlights Poveda Textil’s commitment to revaluing local resources and reducing environmental impact.

Palma Collection: a step towards the sustainable fashion of the future

A collection with 100% palm coating using advanced thermomechanical processes and the latest adhesive technology. This revolutionary discovery made with 100% palm coating gives fabrics a unique finish and natural elegance. The collection offers several fabric bases, with GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification, allowing designers to customize their creations according to their needs.

The collection that makes a difference

This new launch caught the attention of the fashion industry, emerging as a true focus of conversation. From fine metallic finishes to bold prints, brands can find a wide variety of options to bring their footwear and leather goods designs to life. Poveda Textil presents a canvas of color for fashion designers, enabling creative expression that redefines the limits of sustainable design.

A promise of comfort and style

Following the latest trends, this fabric offers not only stunning aesthetics, but also unparalleled comfort and practicality for the end consumer. The Palma collection transcends the notion of a simple fabric and is the answer to the demand for sustainable fashion and unsurpassed creativity.

Technical innovation and sustainable commitment

The innovation of the 100% Palma Coating collection goes much further thanks to Poveda Textil’s collaboration with INESCOP, a leading institution in research and development in the footwear industry. Together they carried out exhaustive and rigorous testing on the product to achieve a collection that demonstrates its excellence in flexural resistance, Martindale abrasion and friction resistance.

Reduce CO2 with a clear vision: Zero Waste

In a firm step towards sustainable fashion, the company transformed an environmental challenge into an innovative solution. Palm pruning waste, which was previously incinerated, is now transformed into a valuable biodegradable raw material. This initiative not only promotes the creation of sustainable products and contributes to the circular economy, but also drastically reduces more than one and a half million kilos of CO2, a significant environmental impact.

A path to a more sustainable future

With years of experience in the sector, Poveda Textil has earned a prominent place as a leader in the creation of high-quality, sustainable fabrics. The focus on innovation, fashion and environmental conservation drove the development of the 100% Palma Coating collection, a path towards a more respectful future in the sector.

Source ABC Diario