Ananas Anam and Tearfil develop yarn made from pineapple leaf fibers

Ananas Anam presented its partnership with Tearfil, a Portuguese textile company. Through this partnership, the two companies are joining forces to create new sustainable yarns made of pineapple leaf fiber.

Tearfil and Ananas Anam have been working on the research and development of PIÑAYARN® and the optimization of pineapple leaf fiber for the dry spinning process.

 Production is done in a closed circle with dry spinning technology that guarantees zero waste and uses zero harmful chemicals. This makes it possible to offer better access to high-quality dry-spun yarns and help bring new natural materials to the market.

“At Ananas Anam, we are very pleased with our partnership with Tearfil, with whom we share values, goals and the vision of a sustainable future in the textile industry. Through our partnership, we will bring innovative solutions to the market on an industrial scale, together creating a positive social and environmental impact.”- Manel Echevarria, CEO of Ananas Anam.

“At Tearfil, we are committed to supporting those who are looking for real sustainable material solutions. We believe that by learning from collaborations, it will be possible to create a better, greener future for everyone. Our partnership and scalability efforts with Ananas Anam prove that by working together, we can have a real and meaningful impact.” – Belém Machado, CEO of Tearfil.

Source: Ananas Anam