Meet our company


Years of experience

Our mission is to offer a complete service in the footwear area, where the client can have everything centralized in one single place. From the creation of the brand, to the design and technical development, passing through the manufacture, communication and commercialization of the footwear.

We work daily to consolidate and constantly improve the quality of each of our services, so the brands with whom we work can put their strategies into practice and achieve success.

We believe in a complete service

Our team.

In our factory and in subcontracted companies, the footwear is made by experienced craftsmen since we are located in the area of Portugal with the greatest tradition, giving us a constant guarantee of perfection.

We present you a varied team, with great professionalism technical and personal values.

Ricardo Conceição
Brand & Design Manager
Jeanette Vieira
Managing Director
Ricardo Vieira
Digital Marketing
Rúben Costa
Footwear Design & Patterns
Ana Lúcia
Materials Planner
Cristiana Andrade
Footwear Design & Pattern
Nuno Monteiro
Production Supervisor
António Soares
Pattern Maker
Carlos Santos
José Carlos
Seamstress Assistant
Attatching Soles
Production Assistant

Our values.

We look for sustainable products, with quality, durability and fair prices.

We always prevail social responsibility, ethical and fair values towards the workers, and never opportunism.

Sustainable Materials.

We are conscious of the importance of safeguarding our planet. That is why we are increasingly choosing the most sustainable materials in our projects.​

Ethical Factories.

Values of integrity, fairness, transparency and responsible manufacturing are the pillars of our way of working. Not only do we ensure these values within our workspace, we also choose partners and suppliers who share the same values.

Fair Prices.

We believe the economy should be managed to ensure that everyone receives a fair value for their work without opportunism. Ensuring a fair price for all involved, from workers, suppliers, as well as the final customer, is one of our main goals for which we strive every day.

Slow Fashion.

We have always identified ourselves with the values advocated by the slow fashion movement. Reducing the environmental impact in manufacturing, respecting workers and human rights, and reducing the rate of consumption are values that are part of our identity.

Local Suppliers.

Choosing local suppliers could not be more obvious to us. It allows us to promote the local economy while contributing to the safeguarding of the environment by reducing the ecological footprint in the transportation of our raw materials.

Working for a better future

We’re proud to have recently become a B Corp certified company, playing our part in creating aninclusive and sustainable economy. Our B Corp Certification is proof we’re heading in the rightdirection when it comes to environmental and social questions.

B Corp Certification is a seal of approval given to companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and legal responsibility.

Shoelutions recently acquired this certification, joining a global community of companies that solidify their commitment to socially responsible and environmentally conscious business practices.

Environmental Commitment

From choosing eco-friendly materials, to implementing sustainable manufacturing practices, to using recyclable materials, Shoelutions is one step ahead in representing a greener planet.


Social Responsibility

Shoelutions is also committed to social responsibility, seeking to create a positive impact by ensuring fair working conditions. The focus is not only on creating high-quality products, but also ensuring that each step of the production journey is ethical and benefits all parties involved.


Partner Involvement and Transparency

This is also an opportunity to strengthen relationships with customers and suppliers. Shoelutions openly shares its sustainability objectives, with initiatives aimed at making a positive impact.

We are PETA Approved-Vegan, and can we use this certification on products that have vegan materials throughout their composition.

Our suppliers,  are committed to sending us materials that meet PETA’s requirements, being 100% vegan.