CTCP Prepares 3D Printing Days

The Footwear Technology Center of Portugal (CTCP) is about to kick off an event of particular interest to the technology and footwear industry enthusiasts. The “3D Printing Days” organized by CTCP will take place from June 17 to July 5, promising weeks filled with activities dedicated to 3D printing.

The sneaker customization process

We all want something unique and only ours, so who doesn’t want a personalized version of their favorite sneaker?
In this article we’ll explain the process of customizing a sneaker.

Shoelutions is back at Modtissimo

On February 21 and 22, Modtissimo 60+3 will be held once again and Shoelutions will be there. The purpose remains the same as last year, to position itself in the footwear sector with a complete and personalized service for brands wishing to acquire this product.

Shoelutions: But after all, what do we do?

Shoelutions appears as a footwear company that offers a complete service in the area, so that the customer has everything centralized in one place. Our services cover the areas of Branding, Development and Commercialization. Curious? Continue reading to find out more.

Errors to avoid when creating a footwear brand

When you have an idea or a project to create a new footwear brand, you need to take several important steps into account to create a lasting brand. Having a strategy is essential, a meticulous selection of actions that define the course of the brand, depending on the goals defined for the brand in a short and long term, in a market that is so competitive.

Poveda Textil revolutionizes fashion with its collection of fabrics made from palm trees

Poveda Têxtil, a reference in the textile industry, presents its latest innovation: a fabric made from Alicante palm trees and a collection of revolutionary fabrics made from waste from Alicante palm trees. This collection marks a milestone in sustainable fashion and highlights Poveda Têxtil’s commitment to revaluing local resources and reducing environmental impact.