Meet our projects

Honeywell’s ultimate footwear line of products is created to protect against a variety of risks.

Eco-friendly barefoot sole for babies, children and adults.

Honeywell’s ultimate footwear line of products is created to protect against a variety of risks.

Cool shoes, kind to the planet and to your feet.

Late 20’s century high fashion mixed with the 90’s and 2000 clothing with raw energy and carefree attitude.

More than a pair of shoes, a lifestyle formed by many experiences.

Nujou sandals are designed to be elegant, comfortable and can be worn at any time of the day.

Comfortable footwear designed for your next wedding or your next night out.

Creation of barefoot footwear collections for children and adults based on comfort and quality materials.
Historical and intemporal shoes made with high quality, great comfort and elegance.

Patterns for man and women shoes.

Technical design, testings and production for a sustainability and craftsmanship brand. 

Brand creation with unique characteristics. Unisex footwear that reuses  damaged fire hoses.

Brand creation with exclusive details.
Women luxury footwear with unique design.

Outsole and Boot Design.
Design a Lightweight winter boot with good opening and flexible yet.

Creation of a sustainable slip-on shoe for all family.

Technical Design, Testings and Productions.
Modern design, wearable for everyday or special occasions.

Patterns and manufacture of exclusive leather bridal shoes.

Brand creation inspired in the portuguese tiles. Women footwear that became 100% vegan since 2020.

Sustainable and vegan shoes and bags for mothers and children.
Create an autoclave-sterilizable surgical clog with a sporty and distinctive design.

Design and manufacture vegan and sustainable sneakers made with plastic collected from the oceans.

Design a bag collection inspired by asymmetrical lines.

Patterns for women shoes.

Create a sustainable and vegan sneaker with ethical manufacture.

Create a man, vegan, slip-on shoe made with innovative materials and functionalities.

Design and produce ethical sneakers with no animal materials

Patterns for custom sneakers.

Technical design and manufacture for unisex leather boots.

Patterns, prototypes and manufacture for a remarkable and provocative footwear brand.

Removable lining in a high heel.
Development of a technology that allows you to replace the heel lining of a shoe.

Design and manufacture of exclusive made to measure leather boots.

Patterns for classic man shoes.