Frequently Asked Questions

About Shoelutions

Over these 13 years we have developed more than 350 projects.

Currently, on average, we work on 50 different projects per year, and we give equal importance to projects that are still emerging in a small test phase, as to large projects that require daily monitoring.

Shoelutions has developed projects for various types of shoes with concepts completely different from each other.

We can consider that casual women, unisex sneakers and more recently children are the main type of clients that contact us. But we have also developed footwear for more technical areas such as safety footwear, orthopedic, hospital, equestrian or even for more specific areas, niche markets such as wedding footwear, fashion shows, custom, fetish, etc.

We have worked a little bit with brands all over the world:

Sly010, Michalsky, Fernando Berlin a Pouls from Germany, Meghan Biarritz, Bellamy and Paires&Fils from France, Charity, Cwén, Vandrelaar from UK, Klaveness and Natasha Erbs from Norway, Tikki from Romania, Aerosoles and Honeywell from USA, Medessey from Canada, Galibele from Brazil and NoSaints from Australia are some of our foreign clients.

We also developed several works for factories or brands in Portugal such as:

JJ Heitor, Mariano Shoes, Centenário, De Gier, Flex&Go, Nano, Reguila (portuguese factories), Ceancarel, Rufel (wallet brands), Sarah Maier, Lazuli, J-unk, Elci, Etikway, Freakloset, Humbs, Threeland, Najha, Mercader, Skizo, Marita Moreno (footwear brands).

The work dynamic changes from one project to another, but we give preference to exchanging e-mails so that everything is registered, defining one person responsible for each project.

We have meetings by video call and our door is always open for anyone who is available to come to our facilities.

We have some clients we’ve never met in person and this has never stopped us from developing the work.

About our services

We start by understanding the DNA of the brand and its needs and by knowing what services they want Shoelutions to be involved in.

We have clients who want a 360° service from scratch, from brand creation, design, prototyping, production, brand communication, etc. While others seek only a specific service.

After the client gives us some references and goals of what he wants and before starting any design, we make a strategic plan, usually following these principles:

Context Analysis – Market, Competition, Trends, Pest, Swot.
Define the Purpose – The brand, its mission and vision, objectives.
Differentiate and Position – Target Audience, Value Proposition, Competitive Advantage, Strategy.
Create a Process – Creative Concept, Moodboard, Tone of Voice, Logo, Identity Manual.
Plan the Execution – 4P’s, Touch Points, Activities and communication plan, Implementation schedule.

The process of creating a footwear brand is long and unpredictable, so the brand needs to have well-defined planning to be structured, managed in the right way, and promoted according to its identity. This makes the brand increase its relevance in the market, as well as creating a good reputation with the public and being able to grow in a lasting way.

If the client only wants the logo development service and the identity manual, we do it, but it is important to have all the rest of the work well done and planned because a brand is not just a logo.

After validating the intended concept, we start with draft drawings from which you can request modifications. We make up to two rounds of corrections, unless otherwise agreed.

After approval we make the drawings with illustration of materials in 2D or 3D, with technical information, colors and indication of the suppliers of the materials.

After indicating the type of model you want, either through a photo or a drawing, we do the modeling in Cad 2D. From there we can make the molds in cardboard, fiber or acrylic and then we have the necessary tools to start cutting the model.

If this service is for a factory that has a cutting machine, we can send the file directly with all the specifications that the client indicates.

At Shoelutions we have some free templates that can be used by several clients. In these cases the templates work as private-label and are not exclusive to the client.

However, if the customer requests a specific design and / or modeling, it belongs exclusively to that customer and can be taken to another factory.

It depends on whether the project will be made in shapes and soles already developed, when this is the case we can do it in 15-25 days.

For samples that require mold/sole development, we may need 45-60 days.

Yes, all samples are charged. If there is a large production order, we can reimburse you for the cost of the sample.

We have a wide variety available in our material library. Leather, fabrics, linings, soles, heels, insoles, applications, shapes, etc.

We have also made available to our customers a consulting service in which we search for the desired material or, if it does not exist, we put it under development with the proper supervision.

Since the year 2017 we felt a boom of clients with new projects that were based on sustainability. This made us invest time to better understand all the concepts, to look for new materials and to always take into consideration the design concept itself and all the products used in manufacturing.

Yes, we already have a large group of PETA certified suppliers that allow us to produce a complete shoe without the use material with animal origin.

About production

We can only know the production price after making a sample, calculating the methods, knowing exactly what materials to use, and calculating the consumption.

After we have all this information together we send you a price table for different quantities.

We do not have minimum quantities, but in some cases the material supplier (e.g. soles) may require a minimum quantity. In these cases the customer pays for this stock that can be used in future productions.

Yes, it is possible. We have worked with some brands with this concept.
You can see some examples such as Freakloset, Skizo, Fernando Berlin or Oni Everywear

Each case is unique, there are several factors such as the origin of the materials, the complexity of the model, the time of year when the order is made, the quantity, among others that can cause a variation in production time.

However, on average, for a production that is made the first time we need about 3 months after approval of the samples. If it is a repeat production we usually get it in 2 months.

All production is made in Portugal.

In our factory we only produce tests, samples, customized shoes and small productions up to a maximum of 500 pairs.

When productions are larger we have partnerships with several factories specialized in each type of shoe.

Made in Portugal has achieved in recent years a high notoriety and consequently gives the brand a guarantee and seal of quality.

Shoe production in Portugal has a long tradition and therefore the experience of the employees in preserving classical techniques allied to the investment in more automated processes makes Portugal be considered one of the most reputable shoe clusters in the world. With a high response capacity and service quality, exports every year more than 80 million pairs of shoes to 163 countries around the world.

The country also benefits from a unique geographical location, with easy and quick land access to central Europe, and a vast Atlantic coast that favors long distance commercial operations, particularly to the United States, Canada or Latin America.

We can make any packaging based on customer requirements.

Customized according to your needs regarding color, size, logo, materials, etc. Customized packaging usually has a minimum quantity of 1000 units.

For small orders where the customer does not want to invest in so many boxes, we recommend using a standard white box with the measurements we have available and printing only on the cover. In these cases we do not have minimum quantities.

In addition to all the technical development (molds, shapes, scaling…), we supervise the raw materials and the manufacturing process at all stages, we follow everything closely to ensure a high quality final product.

Any problem detected during production is addressed, reported and corrected before shipment.

If a manufacturing or material defect is detected, a first evaluation is made to see if any repair is possible. If it is not possible, we make an exchange in cases where it is possible to do it within a timeframe acceptable to the client or, alternatively, we return the money.

We work with several transport companies with land, air, and sea shipments in order to send goods to any destination in the world.

For each country we already have some reference of the best solution.

If the client has his own account with a transport company we prepare all his order to be picked up.