Materials and suppliers

We seek to work with suppliers and collaborators whose experience allows us to achieve the desired quality.

When we look for materials, we always take in account the sustainable factores of each. Get to know a little bit more about some of the sustainable materials we usually use.  


Cotton is an organic material that takes just three months to decompose and can be recycled and reused through a shredding process.

.Bio-Eco Microfiber

The bio-eco microfiber is composed of 20% cereals and 40% recycled plastic resulting from an innovative process.


Almost doesn’t use chemicals or has waste and it’s one of the most ecological fabrics that exists.


.Seaqual Fabric

Made exclusively from recycled materials, 10% of which comes from plastic collected from the oceans by Seaqual.


Bioleather is a metal-free leather material whose treatment process allows it to reach 100% biodegradation in just 15 days.



Made from the waste of pineapple leaves, Piñatex is environmentally friendly and free from cruelty to animals.

.Recycled Soles

Recycled soles are manufactured with waste from various industries such as cork shavings, rice husks, coffee residues or rubber waste. 

.Apple Skin

The use of apple peels makes it possible to create a new raw material, through a process that reduces costs and the damage caused to the environment.

.Palm Raffia

Natural and biodegradable, palm raffia is an extremely versatile material that can be easily dyed with natural dyes.

.Recycled Cotton

Recycled cotton makes possible, not only recover fabrics discarded as waste, but also to do it in an ecologically way and without using water.

.Sustainable Microfiber

This ecological option combines all the advantages that microfiber offers with an environmentally friendly solution in shoe manufacturing.

.Air 3D Bamboo

The combination of bamboo and recycled polyamide makes this fabric a sustainable and environment friendly option.


We look for sustainable products, with quality, durability and fair prices.

PETA Approved-Vegan

We are PETA Approved-Vegan, and can we use this certification on products that have vegan materials throughout their composition. Our suppliers,  are committed to sending us materials that meet PETA’s requirements, being 100% vegan.

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