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More than a pair of shoes, a lifestyle formed by many experiences.

Product Identity Packaging, Labels, Engraving, Shoe Care
Design & Engineering Technical Design
Prototypes Material, Testing, Samples
Production Pre-production, Manufacture, Quality Control, Delivery
Commercial Stock Management, Shipping 

The Avrego models are captivated by the night and inspired by the daylight. Are the past and present merged together.

They have decided to create an exquisite combination of their ancestral past full of experience, tradition and wisdom, mixed with the creativity and energy of the current generation, to create unique items.

The client approached us, because they needed a partner for small quantity productions. When Avrego presented the project to us, they already had some patterns and lasts done, but they needed some adjustments.

Then we started the process of developing the prototypes, which had to be improved, taking into account the customer’s feedback. After they were approved, we started the production of the models.

We also did some branding services, such as the development of the box, sulphite paper and label.

Currently we do the stock management and handle the shipments of the models.

Branding Services

.Product Identity

Development Services

.Shoe Production

Commercial Services