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Cool shoes, kind to the planet and to your feet

Product Identity Label, Engraving, Packing
Design & Engineering Analysis and Research, Technical Design
Prototypes Material, Testing, Samples
Production Pre-production, Manufacture, Quality Control, Delivery

After years of struggling to find shoes that fit the client wide feet, and tired of the wasteful habits of fast fashion, the brand founder decided it was time to do things differently. The love of being outdoor, especially in and around the water, and that passion became the driving force behind Baze.

The brand is also social responsible, they help a community in India through surf.

The client approached us to develop the sneakers for his brand, he wanted a laid back design with sustainable materials.

After some project analisys, we started the searching for materials and then we started the process of developing the prototypes, which had to be improved, taking into account the customer’s feedback. In this stage we also developed a solution to incorporate damaged surf boards into the sole.

This solution for the sole was made by mixing crushed surf boards and recycled rubber, which are then injected into the mold to create the sole.

After they were approved, we started the production of the models, following closely every step of the project.

We also did some branding services, such as the development of the box, the laser engraving in the sole and development of the shoe label.

Branding Services

.Product Identity

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