Work / Charity Samuel

Create comfortable, high quality, exclusive leather bridal shoes.

Product Identity Packaging, Engraving
Design & Engineering Analysis and Research, Technical Design
Prototypes Samples
Production Manufacture, Quality Control

After designing her bridal shoe collection, Samuel Charity was looking for a partner who could materialize her dream of creating comfortable, high quality leather bridal shoes.

This project presented us with several challenges.

Each model has three different heel heights, which required us to develop all the molds for each, as well as the respective prototypes and patterns.

We take care of the production of each pair. Because they are personalized and made-to-measure shoes, whose orders are made pair by pair, we also had to plan a careful stock management of the materials.

We made several elements of product identity such as the packaging and engraving on the sole and insole.

Branding Services

.Product Identity

Development Services

.Design & Engineering
.Shoe Production