Work / ELCI

Rebranding of a classical men footwear brand.
Create a new image, more focus on marketing and the international market.

Brand Concept Research, Strategy, Identity Design
Product Identity Packaging
Communication Photography, Digital, Social Media
Commercial Official Online Store, Licensed Labels

With more than 50 years in the market, ELCI is a brand of classic shoes for men with a handmade production and high quality standards.
In 2020 the brand decided to invest in a new strategic development, combining its classic nature with a more marketing-oriented mentality and international expansion.

Elci is a name that was born out of a love story of the brand’s founder for his wife Elsa and his dream of producing footwear.

“EL” comes from the first letters of ELsa and “CI” originates from the middle letters of FranCIsco. A very common way at that time of naming companies.

In the new brand development manual we could have chosen to change the name but we wanted to keep the history of the brand alive.

We designed a new logo and symbol, as well as developing a brand identity manual.

The communication strategy is based on a selection of traditional brand values that are most important to the target audience and current trends and is now focused on four values: tradition and innovation, handcrafted experience, custom manufacturing and reuse and recycle.

Project date: 2020

Branding Services

.Brand Concept

If the earth is round, what are the “four corners of the planet”? It is a metaphor for the north, south, east and west cardinal points.
The goal also involves worldwide recognition and making the connection with the 4 main values of the brand: Tradition with Innovation, Handmade Experience, Custom Manufacturing and Reuse.


Simple but incisive lines, elegant, refined, and embellished. A style that references the classic, but with subtle contemporary variations.
The design is simple and fresh.

Brand Book
.Product Identity and Catalog
.Product Photography and Catalog
.Website and Social Media Management

Commercial Services

.Oficial Online Store at Shoelutions.Store
.Licensed Labels: We Have The Commercial License For The Brand