Work / Fernando Berlim

Design and manufacture of custom made to measure leather boots. 

Product Identity Packaging, Shoe Care
Design & Engineering Analysis and Research, Design, Technical Design
Production Manufacture, Quality Control

Fernando Berlin’s boots are almost works of art. Custom made by specialized craftsmen, they are made with high quality leather and careful attention to every detail.

We have been working with Fernando Berlin since 2009. When we first met, the brand was looking for a partner in Portugal who could be trusted with the design and production of custom made leather boots. Unique models with an exclusive service for each client.

At Shoelutions we design each boot under the careful guidance of our client and develop all the technical procedures to bring his ideas to life.

We are also the ones who make the production of each boot. A demanding task because they are unique pairs, tailor made for each of his customers.

Some of the product’s identity elements were also developed by us, such as the packaging and the sulfite paper.

Branding Services

.Product Identity

Development Services

.Design and Engineering
.Shoe Production