Work / J-UNK

Brand creation with unique characteristiques.

The only one in the world , that reuses damaged fire hoses in its footwear.

Brand concept

Strategy, Identity, Naming

Design & Technical

Research materials, Design, 2d patterns


Fashion film, Photography, Brand activation

Made completely from scratch, with complete freedom. We tried to create the brand identity by joining the emotional connection the owner has with the firefighters and his taste in a certain type of footwear and musical style.

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The symbol and logo

The choice of this symbol is linked to the brand’s social cause in favor of Firefighters and the entire relationship of the project with this entity.

The fire hydrant signage and its geometry serve as an inspiration to use as a symbol of the J-UNK logo.

It is a component of active fire protection. Under- ground fire hydrants have been used in Europe and Asia since at least the 18th century.

The logo is a wordplay with – Punk. The “J” is also associated with the name of the founder of the brand Jacinto.

It also means the brand’s concern with sustainability and the reuse of garbage (junk), in this case the damaged fire hoses.

Materials, damaged fire hoses and vegetable leather

It was important that the project had an environmental side regarding materials. We thought about some of the material that firefighters normally throw away and came up with the idea of reusing fire hoses damaged in fires.

We put in all the shoes a handle made of hose, thus achieving an aesthetic and functional side. In some soles we also grinded the hoses and managed to incorporate 20% recycled hoses in each pair of soles.

Also we decided to only use leather that are a natural by-product of the food industry and all leather we use is vegetable tanned leather. This method uses plant extracts, requires a lot of expertise and is more ecological as it does not use any heavy metal.

Product identity

We design a special care card with the brand values. Create …………………..


We make a photo and video session. Create the brand catalog and the website.

Also we start social media management on Instagram and Facebook.

Shoe Production

The soles were produced near by at a small factory who help us out with the innovated soles made with 20% damaged fire hoses. Everything else we did it at our own factory where we could guarantee materials inspection and quality control.


We are the official online store of the brand, at our marketplace Shoelutions.Store.

Also we manage partnerships with marketplaces.