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Brand creation with unique characteristiques.

The only one in the world , that reuses damaged fire hoses in its footwear.

Brand Concept Research, Strategy, Identity Design, Planning
Product Identity Packaging, Engraving, Labels, Shoe Care
Communication Photography, Video, Digital, Social Media
Design & Engineering Analysis and research, Design, Technical design
Prototypes Material Test, Samples
Production Manufacture, Quality control
Commercial Official Online Store, Licensed Label

Born from the union of the “punk” style with the “hipster”, and with the London creative spirit very present, J-UNK offers contemporary shoes with a bold design.

Also joins an environmental cause by reusing damaged fire hoses, and social one by contributing to help humanitarian associations of volunteer firefighters. 

In 2019, the founder of J-UNK decided to create a shoe brand with a strong identity and an emotional connection that made sense.

We work with him since the very first minute, creating all the concept. Inspired by the founder connection with the firefighters, the all project ends up connected with this.

We thought in some materials fireman usually throw in the garbage and the idea of reusing the damaged fire hoses came up.

We created a handle made of damaged fire hoses in every shoe, acquiring a more aesthetic and functional side and we managed to incorporate 15% of recycled fire hoses on each pair of soles.

The logo is a wordplay with – Punk and it also means the brand’s concern with sustainability and the reuse of garbage (junk), in this case the damaged fire hoses. J-UNK symbol is also inspired in the fire hydrants.

Besides the logo and symbol we also made the brand manual, catalog, packaging, labels and engraving work for the brand.

In therms of communication, we did a photo shoot and a fashion film production and we also manage the social media and the brand website.

Regarding the technical aspects, besides the solutions we found to reuse the damaged fire hoses we also helped with the materials choice, create all designs and technical design as well as we made the first prototypes.

The production of J-UNK shoes are also made by us and is carefully monitored to ensure quality control.

Besides we are J-UNK official online store we have the commercial license of the brand, so we have represented the brand in some showrooms in Porto and Lisboa. 

Branding Services

.Brand Concept

Inspired by the brand emotional connection to the firefighters and social cause.


Wordplay with - Punk and the reuse of garbage (junk), in this case the damaged fire hoses.

.Product Identity
.Photo Shoot and Fashion Film Production
.Website and Social Media management

Development Services

.Design and Technical
.Shoe production

Commercial Services

.Oficial online store at Shoelutions.Store
.Licensed label: commercial license for the brand