Work / Lazuli

Women brand inspired in the portuguese tiles and its historical richness.

Became a 100% vegan brand since 2020.

Brand Concept Research, Strategy, Identity Design, Planning
Product Identity Packaging, Engraving, Labels, Shoe Care
CommunicationPhotography, Video, Digital, Social Media
Design & Engineering Analysis and research, Design, Technical design
Prototypes Material Test, Samples
Production Manufacture, Quality control
Commercial Official Online Store, Licensed Label

Creation of a women’s footwear brand inspired by the culture and rich heritage of Portuguese tiles.

Influenced by the trends of sustainability and the use of vegan materials, from 2019 the brand challenged us to create the first 100% vegan models and since 2020 all collections are totally vegan.

Lazuli is one of our own brands. Launched in 2014, all the work was done by us from the very beginning.

The brand concept involved hard research, the definition of the best strategy, the creation of the identity design and careful planning.

We created multiple elements of product identity, most of them based on the tile, Lazuli’s brand image and inspirational element. The tile is present in each one of our models  but the product identity is also in the packaging, in various engravings on the insoles, on the sulfite paper and on various labels that were created throughout the project.

Furthermore, in the branding area, we have created several photo and video campaigns over the years, both for product and manufacturing. Also we created catalogs for each collection and several graphic elements. The management of social networks and the website was also always in our charge.

In terms of development, the analysis of trends and materials accompanied the entire project and therefore the brand evolved and was modified over time and that’s one of the reasons that is currently a 100% vegan brand.

All the models were designed by us as well as the patterns and production that is done in our facilities with rare exceptions when we use portuguese partners with whom we share the same ethical values.

We are also the ones who make all the samples, and along the way there were moments when we had to perform some material tests.

Being our own brand, naturally we are the ones in charge of the commercial service. Besides the online store, we participated in several national and international fairs and exhibitions as well as showrooms.

Branding Services

.Brand Concept

Represents a tile and evokes the Portuguese culture.


The word lazuli comes from a very strong blue color, which is the color of a semi-precious stone known as lapis lazuli.

.Photoshooting and Fashion Film Production
.Website and social media management
.Product Identity

Development Services

.Shoe production

Commercial Services

.Oficial online store at Shoelutions.Store
.Licensed labels: we have the commercial license for the brand