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Create an autoclave-sterilizable surgical clog with a sporty and distinctive design.

Brand Concept Research, Strategy, Identity Design, Planning
Product Identity Packaging, Engraving
Design & Engineering Analysis and research, Design, Technical design
Prototypes Material Test, Samples

Mafalda and Alyia are doctors and passionate about fashion. When in 2020, the pandemic forced them to spend more time with surgical clogs, they couldn’t find any aesthetically pleasing clogs on the market.

They contacted us with the dream of creating autoclave-sterilizable professional clogs that were not only functional, lightweight, comfortable and safe, but also had an exclusive, sporty and distinctive design.

The first step of this project was to do a competitor, market and consumer analysis with a survey conducted among 1265 people in the area.

Almost simultaneously, we were developing a several branding tasks, mainly concerning brand identity, such as logo, symbol, mission, vision and values, and brand manual.

With all the brand rules well defined and the information collected in the surveys, we started to prepare the product design and to study the best options for the development of the molds.

This type of molds, given their complexity and high cost, implies that everything is defined in detail, to ensure that it passes all the tests and obeys all the norms.

After the sole design was approved, we developed a mock-up of the sole and the insole, evaluated the necessary corrections, and made a tread mold to check the level of abrasion.

Even before going ahead with the soca mold, we made several previews of the final soca in different color versions and shared them on social media to understand consumer feedback.

At this moment, the project is on stand by due to professional reasons of the founders of the brand and is expected to be finished in 2023.

Branding Services

.Brand Concept
The logo

The logo is overall simple and emotive, with soft, rounded, feminine lines. The brand name is derived from the names of the founders Mafalda and Aliya.

The symbol

The heart connects with a foot and a line from the footbed.
The whole purpose of the brand is represented in these icons, health professionals through the heart and comfort for the feet.

.Product Identity

Development Services

.Design and Technical