Work / Masha Popova

Late 20’s century high fashion mixed with the 90’s and 2000 clothing with raw energy and carefree attitude.

Design & Engineering Technical Design, Outsole Development
Product Identity Packaging, Shoe Care
Prototypes Testing, Samples
Production Pre-producting, Manufacture, Quality Control

Masha Popova  is a  London based womenswear brand, best known for her wearable high-fashion denim designs that mixes fantasy with the ukrainian roots and childhood memories of the brand founder.

Since the design was already done by the client, the big challenge was to develop the wedge that supports the shoe. After the development was done, we made a prototype for approval. After the necessary corrections were made, we moved on to production.

In terms of product identity, we developed the shoe box and the dust bag with the brand logo.

Branding Services

.Product Identity

Development Services

.Design and Engineering
.Shoe Production