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A mix between Africa and the West based on ecological, sustainable and vegan values, for mothers and children.

Product Identity Packaging, Engraving, Shoe care
Design & Engineering Analysis and research, Design, Technical design
Prototypes Material Test, Samples
Production Manufacture, Quality control, Delivery

Medessey Créations is a brand for mothers and children. Believes in a better world, without cruelty to animals and without pollution.

Vegan and sustainable materials, ethical and fair way of manufacturing, and support for social causes are some of the pillars of this brand.

The client explained the concept of her new brand, she wanted everything to be Vegan and to make a kind of set for mother and daughter.

After receiving the drawings of the shoes and bags, as well as other information about the project of this new brand, we started the search for the most appropriate materials.

We made the modeling and prototypes with the necessary adaptations to make the models functional and commercial.

In the product identity one of the details of the brand is the pattern that is applied in all models. A pattern that we applied in the Apple Skin material, through digital printing. All models also carry the hot stamping of the logo applied through the developed die.

Within this area we also developed mockups for the packaging, dust bag and postcard.

After the approval of the prototypes, we made the production of the women’s and children’s shoes. The bags were in charge of one of our subcontracted partners, and all items were inspected before we prepared the shipment to Canada.

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