Work / Meghan Biarritz

Development of modern and elegant women’s shoes, suitable for use in different occasions.

Product Identity Packaging, Engraving, Shoe Care
Communication Photography, Video
Design & Engineering Analysis and research, Technical design
Production Manufacture, Quality control

Design and manufacturing for a women’s brand. The brand aims to achieve shoes with a modern design that can be used in an everyday life or for special occasions.

After analyzing the project, we developed the technical design and gave support in the choice of materials. Since this is a brand with a small production we advise suppliers without minimum quantities in the materials.

We made the first prototypes that were improved following the customer’s indications and after final approval we also developed the entire production.

We also created several elements of product identity such as the dust bag, care card and logo engraving on the insole and sole.

At the communication level we also provide video and photo shoot of the production.

Branding Services

.Photoshooting and Shoe Production Film
.Product Identity

Development Services

.Design and Technicals
.Shoe production