Work / Natasha Erbs

Historical and intemporal shoes made with high quality, great comfort and elegance.

Product Identity Packaging, Engraving, Shoe Care
Communication Photography, Video
Design & Engineering Analysis and research, Design, Technical design
Prototypes Material Test, Samples
Production Manufacture, Quality control

Natasha Erbs collections are not based on seasons or trends, they believe that historical pieces make people fashionable.

They asked us to create products made with sustainability in mind and dedicated to create long-term relationships with their owners.

Since the client already had her design of the shoe model she wanted to develop, we went straight to modeling and made a prototype for approval.

After making all the necessary corrections, this shoe gave origin to several versions, made with different materials. And the production of these models was taken care of by us.

As for the product’s identity, we developed a metallic application with the brand’s symbol to be applied on the upper. We also developed the packaging, dust bag and an insole, all with the brand’s logo.

At the branding level we made a video of the shoe’s manufacturing from start to finish and a product photo shoot.

Branding Services

.Product Identity
.Photo Shoot and Manufacture Film Production

Development Services

.Design and Engineering
.Shoe production