Work / No Saints

Design and produce ethical sneakers with premium materials, causing zero harm to animals, people and the environment. 

Product Identity Engraving, Shoe Care
Design & Engineering Analysis and research, Design, Technical design
Prototypes Material Test, Samples
Production Manufacture, Quality control

No Saints has one purpose, to create sneakers that are completely free of animal cruelty, without compromising quality or ethics.

In 2018, No Saints was looking for a company who could help them create vegan and sustainable sneakers.

It was one of the first vegan brands we worked with. We did a lot of research on vegan and sustainable materials, tests and adapt some manufacturing methods to those materials.

We create the design and made the technical design of all the models. After the first prototypes were created and the necessary adjustments were made, we moved on to production.

Currently, we continue to do all the production for the brand and we continuously seek to improve the quality and sustainability of the brand.

Branding Services

.Product Identity

Development Services

.Design and Technicals
.Shoe production