Work / Sarah Maier

Luxury women’s brand creation.

Elegance, extravagance and delicacy in each pair of shoes.

Brand Concept Research, strategy, identity design, planning
Product Identity Packaging, engraving, labels, shoe care
Communication Pothography, Vídeo, Digital, social media,
Design & Engineering Analysis and research, design, technical design, outsole development
Prototypes Material test, Samples
Production Manufacture, quality control

Creation of a luxury women’s footwear brand that combines feminine design with a sophisticated approach always keeping in mind these three values: elegance, in design, in the shapes; extravagance, in the details, in the heels and delicacy,  in the manufacture, in the small details.

Based on the general idea of the founder and the elements that she wanted to review in her brand: extravagance, elegance and delicacy, we started working on the brand strategy, defining mission, vision and values as well as positioning and goals.

We moved on to the creative process, developing the entire brand identity including the logo, symbol, name and brand manual.

We created the first models and developed prototypes that were being improved and perfected to the client’s preferences until their final approval.

The development of the heel was another challenge of this project, the creation of a unique and bold heel that evokes the brand’s symbol and makes these shoes a very special piece.

We were in charge of all the production, as well as the creation of several elements of product identity that made the shoes of this collection unique, such as the packaging, the sulfite paper, the dust bag and the engravings on the sole.

Our branding services were also extended to photography and video as well as the management of social networks and the website with online store of the brand.

Branding Services

.Brand Concept
Logo and symbol

The name of a person is enough, all it takes is sonority. We dispensed any image because the brand is a strategic element of affirmation; we wanted an image with no expiration date.

The symbol with the altered “A” is reminiscent of an arrow pointing upwards, towards the positive, referring also to an international and globalized vision through the prespective of a contemporary compass.

We can also see a tribal aspect alluding to the African roots of the founder and her grandmother, the source of inspiration. “A” for “Amor” (love), A for “Avó” (grandmother).

.Product Identity
.Photoshooting session and making-of video
.Website and social media management

Development Services

.Design and Technicals
.Shoe production