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Customized sneakers made with plastic collected in the oceans.

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Skizo goal is to make society aware of the problem of plastic in the oceans. To do that they wanted to create sneakers made with materials that uses plastic collected in oceans.

Skizo’s main goal was to create custom sneakers with sustainable materials that could help clean plastic from the oceans.

In addition to designing the sneakers, we search the materials that could fulfill their request. Most of Skizo shoes are made with Seaqual fabric, made exclusively from recycled materials, 10% of which are plastic from the garbage collected from the oceans through the Seaqual initiative.

We are also the ones who make the production, because they are made-to-measure sneakers, we have to ensure an optimization of the materials stock management as well as each order is made and delivered on time.

Skizo is one of the brands that is available in our online store, being one of our affiliates.

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