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A three generation commitment.

Creation of a sustainable slip-on shoe for all family.

Design & Engineering Analysis and Research, Design, Technical Design
Production Manufacture, Quality Control
Commercial Marketplace Affiliate

Design and development of a timeless, practical and sustainable slip-on shoe model, with a flexible, light and durable sole.

The inspiration for the sole was made through elements linked to nature, with the back having a drop shape that takes us to the theme of the sea and sustainability. The rips on the front, besides giving more flexibility, also have a format that reminds us of the waves of the sea.

The materials used throughout the project were thought to be able to respond to the brand’s sustainable concerns. The sole is composed of 50% recycled raw material and the upper part of the shoe is composed of 3 materials, pineapple leaf fibers, plastic from bottles collected from the sea and 50% recycled microfiber.

Development Services

.Design and Technicals
.Shoe Production

Commercial Services

.Marketplace Affiliate at Shoelutions.Store