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Creation of barefoot footwear collections for children and adults based on comfort and quality materials.

Product Identity Packaging, Engraving, Labels, Shoe Care
Design & Engineering Analysis and Research, Design, Technical Design
Prototypes Material Test, Samples

Tikki Shoes is a brand and manufacturer from Romania, whose concept is based on comfort and, therefore, focuses especially on barefoot footwear.

Although its main market segment is children’s shoes, it also started to develop some models for adults.

Tikki Shoes contacted us to develop new models for the Winter 2022-23 and Summer 2023 collections. The client sent us various information and details about the type of models wanted, and based on this we started our work.

We did a materials research, drew the first drafts and went ahead with the final designs where we included several elements of product identity

We finish with modeling and the development of several samples.

Despite having manufacturing in Romania, Tikki Shoes wants to do some of its production in Portugal. So we also support in this question, we select some factories and present to the client.

Currently we are assisting in their developments both for Romania and Portugal.

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