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Sustainable shoes that match a timeless design with quality craftsmanship. 

Product Identity Packaging, Engraving, Shoe Care
Design & Engineering 
Analysis and research, Design, Technical design
Prototypes Samples
Production Manufacture, quality control

Vandrelaar wants to redefining conscious footwear through a distinctive approach to design, sustainability and craftsmanship.

Slowing the fashion cycle down by designing with integrity, producing less, and using materials that are better for the planet are the main goals of this brand.

Vandrelaar was looking for a very specific type of stitching and the use of various sustainable materials in their project. After analyzing the project and doing our research we were able to meet their requests and moved on to prototypes.

In addition to manufacturing we also developed several pieces of product identity such as the packaging, dust bag and logo engraving on the sole.

Branding Services

.Product identity

Development Services

.Design and Technicals
.Shoe production