.Brand Concept

Our branding work is based on deep research for each project.

We analyze, define and solve any problems in detail, before creating and outlining the concept and the next steps.

Analysis is the most important initial step to take.

It’s necessary to have an in-depth analysis to understand and to have a view of the current context and the changes that it may have, so that we can subsequently put together a strategy that will lead the brand in the best direction.

The know-how we have of the footwear industry is an asset and we seek to understand the behavior of the consumer of the future, through their lifestyle, social and demographic changes, etc. Knowing the market of the future is also important, through sociocultural trends that transform the industry, day after day.

The market is constantly evolving, it’s a fact. Besides that, although we live in a globalized world, the social and cultural differences vary in many factors from place to place.

Realizing these changes and details makes the difference, because there is no general footwear model for all countries and cities. We always have to adapt, to make a difference.

Analysis and prediction of the future consumer behavior. This research aims at the interpretation of trends in human behavior, with the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of a brand in the market, as some changes take place.

Trends develop from the society’s need for innovation and are reflected through signals in different contexts. By perceiving it, it’s possible to anticipate and adapt to the behavior that the consumer will adopt in the future and, also, be prepared to meet their needs.

How am I doing against the competition? Realizing the answer to this question can lead to better brand performance.

This strategic analysis, among companies in the same sector, is important to understand and improve strategies.


After a critical analysis of all the research done, it’s time to create the strategy, that it’s going to define the purpose of the brand, the right way to follow and what is going to make it unique and distinct. All these steps are essential for its positioning.

We help you to define the mission, vision and values guidelines of your brand to establish the brand identity and purpose. Justify why the brand exists (mission), what is the brand value (values) and define where it wants to go in the future (vision), with clear and objective values.

A well-positioned brand gives customers clarity about what to expect. The goal is to establish the brand image so that consumers perceive the brand in the right way. For example, the area of business, the market category, the segment, the target, etc.

General and specific objectives help to determinate the general results, expected and created. The creation of these is relevant for decision making as well, so their importance is enormous.

The value proposition is what will give the brand a competitive advantage and a differentiating factor, which makes it unique and creates an intimate relationship with the consumer. It’s what makes a brand stand out, what makes it remembered by the public and what makes it the logical choice when a consumer need comes up.

.Identity Design

We turn concept into image and give your brand a face. We develop your identity with the assets you need to communicate visually.
We create narratives generating value structures from the vision, analysis and objectives of the brand that will guide the brand’s communication and marketing decisions.

Telling a story helps to make the brand authentic. It’s about provoking an emotional reaction that sounds true to the consumer, who with a set of guidelines, help to maintain the identity throughout the brand’s communication.

The brand’s name and logo are two aspects that will predominate throughout the brand’s cycle, being considered one of the most important elements. They are also unique elements, which makes the brand easily identifiable by consumers.

We help to create a memorable name and a symbol that materializes all the intended essence of the brand.

We create manuals with brand standards and specifications, such as typography, color, iconography patterns, images, etc., ensuring that anyone can apply the brand’s contents correctly.

Consistency across all these specifications is important to maintain brand integrity.

Communication through words and the emotional intelligence of reaching the consumer through them, is as important as the communication through images. That’s why brands need to have a voice, in order to tune in with consumers and always speak with consistency, without losing their identity.


Once all the previous steps have been defined, it’s time to trace the path forward and this happens through planning. This preparation will lead to the implementation of the communication plan. Here, it’s important to channel the content correctly and interestingly.

The marketing mix is ​​based on 4 points: product, price, point of sale and promotion. These variables are decided internally and are aligned with the brand’s objectives, influencing the communication strategy and helping to define a brand’s place.

Identifying the right touch points and personas for the brand is important for communicating with the target audience. The customer experience is determined by a set of interactions between the consumer and the brand along their journey, from pre-sales to post-sales. These touch points will help to ensure that the experience is always positive, so that they always come back as consumers.

Communication, in all its variables (tone of voice, visual identity, message), are important elements when it comes to content creation. Communication has to be aligned, so that the consumer and the brand become one.

Having an implementation schedule when it comes to communication ensures that all the work so far is carried out consistently and effectively. It’s important to communicate flawlessly, and this implementation schedule also simplifies the data analysis that later needs to be done.

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