Our commercial area operates in several areas depending on the project we work with. We provide online sales service, licensed labels and private label collections. 

.Online Sales

The online presence of a brand is no longer limited to having a website, it is necessary to have an online point of sale in order to reach all consumers.
Aware of the importance of this sales channel we created Shoelutions.Store, an online store that offers our own brands and others with similar values the possibility to have an online point of sales.

For brands that don’t have an online store we allow Shoelutions.Store to be their official online store by creating links on their official website to our online store.

The more online points of sale a brand has, the more possibilities it has to reach their customers and achieve more sales. For brands that already have their own online store, we offer the possibility to become an affiliate of our marketplace and thus have one more point of sale online.

.Licensed Brands

Our licensed brands include our own brands as well as brands for which we have the license to sell in Portugal.
In addition to an established and reliable customer portfolio, we annually organize private showrooms to present new collections in Porto and Lisbon.
Besides sales we offer logistics and marketing services.
If you have a brand and would like us to sell it please contact us.

.Private Labels

We develop several collections annually, covering a wide range of footwear for men, women and children, which are available for white brands. Buyers can choose items from our pre-designed line for their own collections, which will be identified accordingly.
Also, through partnerships with several factories, we are able to secure multiple pre-made lines.
If there is not in our collections a product identical to the one you want, we have a deep knowledge about trends, materials, colors and manufacturing methods that we would like to share with you to create the best possible product.

Some projects with commercial services


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