.Design & Engineering

We develop a comprehensive trend research, which gives us tools to design with creativity and entire technical detailed.

Also, we always do this according to the concept of the brand.

.Analysis and Research

It ́s important to observe the trends without ever losing the identity of the brand. It ́s important to pay attention to consumers behavior, new materials and production technology.

Besides the books, trade shows, lectures and trips, we are always updated to give proper answers to our customers needs.

We start by understanding the brand’s DNA and the goals you want to achieve. We study your needs to meet the desired target audience.

We create a trend forecast report that will help us shape the concept of the collection. The forecast of trends is presented through moodboards rich in images, colors and possible materials.

Maintaining brand and price integrity, we help you find the right materials to meet the needs and parameters of each project.

In our company we have a library with thousands of materials (leathers, fabrics, soles, heels, etc.), which we update daily with new research that we do. Vegan plant-based or recycled and Peta-approved materials are also an option. Discover our Sustainable options. 

Helping brands bring their ideas to life with an ethical approach, directing customers to design and develop their products in a more correct and sustainable way.

We seek to guide brands from initial concepts to final production with our expertise in the areas of branding, development and commercial.


Shoelutions designers are familiar with all areas of footwear. In addition to having formation in design, they also have training in more technical areas of footwear, such as modeling to ensure a balance between the aesthetic side, without ever neglecting the functional.

Once the concept has been validated, we start the design process by exploring some sketches and presenting you with a preview from which you can request modifications, before moving on to the final design.

The final design is shipped with illustration of colors and 2D materials.

We usually send our 3D Design using Mind Shoe Design or Mind Cad 3D.

Mind Shoe Design is a new software for shoe design, that integrates easily with Adobe Illustrator and 2D and 3D CAD systems for seamless design and engineering processes that save time, reduce errors and speed up production.

Get to know this software in more detail.

Mind Cad 3D it’s a footwear design and engineering software for modelling, prototyping and photo-realistic representation of 3D models.

It’s also possible to apply a render and achieve impressive realism.

This softwares avoids unnecessary travels, waste of materials and prototypes, helping to reduce CO2 emissions. They can be shared online, in communication and marketing, with customers and partners around the world.

Get to know the software in more detail.

The tech pack includes the technical techniques, supplier names and material references, so everything is ready to go into manufacturing.

.Technical Design

A specialized environment for technical design, engineering and grading 2d patterns.

Shoe Last is the starting point and center of the entire shoe development process. It determines the fit, performance, ergonomics and appearance of a shoe, that’s why the importance of being made correctly. We have a library with several types of shapes already developed and scaled, which can be used, saving time and costs.

We develop the modeling for each project, whether it’s a brand that we continue to manufacture or a factory that just needs help with modeling. We can make the molds in digital to be cut on an automatic cutting machine or cardboard/fiber to be cut manually.

We use MindCad 2D software, which can export to other CAD programs.

Get to know the software in more detail.

We scale and cut the patterns in cardboard and fiber or we can prepare the file in digital format, adapted correctly to each cutting machine. According to the customer’s need, we use the French, English or American numbering scale.

We provide technical support in all stages of production, from modeling to finishing, cutting, sewing and assembly. We have professionals with experience in different types of construction (flat, strobel, pratik, blake, goodyear, moccasin, direct injection, etc.), that can help in the process optimization and problem solving.

.Outsole Development

Sole development is based on shoe last data.

Several of the processes involve high precision to ensure high quality, from the idea, through the design, mockup, mold, testing, to its production and finishing.

After a few sketches, we draw in 2D different perspectives, accompanied by all the technical information (measurements, material, colors, etc.), always in accordance with the brand’s concept.

The 3d drawing is based on the technical drawing information and will give a more realistic view of the sole.

Designers are familiar with all areas of shoe sole molding, such as injection cut, TPR, PVC, SBR, TPU, PU, ​​TR and EVA.

After the 3D design, printing can be carried out on a flexible or in another material, in order to simulate rubber or even another material, so that it’s possible to verify the real appearance of the sole, test the shape and evaluate any corrections before proceeding to the mold.

We work with several suppliers specialized in the production of molds for soles, for the footwear industry and depending on the type of mold to be developed, we select the most suitable one and manage the entire project.

In this development, the machine that will be used and the material that will be injected into the sole are considered.

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