Before talking about shoe samples, it’s essential to talk about prototypes. This is the phase of testing what is best for your brand.

We plan and carry out prototyping in-house or with selected factories that meet our target shoe quality and performance standards.


The choice of materials is an important step, due to its variety and segmentation. Today is the day when there is a range of colors, textures, etc., which are mixed with the possibility of an ecological, sustainable, vegan character, among others.

We help you find the materials that best suit your products.

We have a network of suppliers to find the most suitable materials for your project.

We also have the know-how to develop a new type of leather, a detail or a sole.

We analyzed the conditions of each supplier (price, minimum quantities, production capacity, delivery times and quality) and select those that fit the needs of each brand.

We work with CTCP – Centro Tecnológico de Calçado Português, to develop tests and to do analyze of raw materials, testing their viability.

These tests can be oriented towards CE certifications.

Material certificates, which come from suppliers, are an asset to your brand.

In addition to launching a collection, it can contain certificates from the most varied segments, and today for many consumers this is an important part.

GRS, GOTS, Oeko Tex, Leather Working Group and ISO are some of the certificates available from our suppliers.


Testing is an important step in creating footwear. Before moving forward with any sample or more advanced development, it’s important to test as often as necessary and improve according to what the customer wants.

This can significantly decrease errors in the future.

It’s necessary to understand how footwear responds when the future consumer wears it. Does the size fit? It’s confortable? Does it look good on your feet? These and other questions need to be answered before moving on to the next phase.

The experience gained over the years has resulted in an awareness of the design and interpretation of the intended product.

In the first prototype, an accurate assessment is made to see if it’s in accordance with the briefing.

We looked for solutions to optimize the prototype to make it less complex in the manufacturing process and to have a better use in mold fitting.

These solutions offer essential efficiency advantages and consequently lower costs.

All types of footwear need to meet feasibility requirements.

For example, orthopedic, safety or other footwear needs to meet certain standards.

Tests like flexibility, comfort, impact resistance, performance, abrasion have to be carried out.


When a customer wants to create a shoe, samples are made before going into production, to always be able to meet what is desired. A forecast is also made of how this shoe can act on the market, all through the samples created.

When the prototype is approved, samples are developed with material and color variants, according to the customer’s needs.

These samples will be used for all the brand’s communication and commercial planning.

After the sales samples and with orders already prepared, sometimes the customer wants some changes in technical and materials terms.

We develope this last sample that will serve as approval for production.

This technical sheet allows the recording of all the details regarding the sample, so that the process can be facilitated later in the manufacturing. It has information such as the type of sewing performed, the materials used in the mounting and even for the finishing, such as the laces, etc.

More than 5000 pairs are produced each year in our exclusive sample room.
With the help of skilled people and the necessary machinery we bring the shoe design to life before it goes into production.


We produce custom shoes with orders of just 1 pair, taking into account the taste and needs of each customer. In practically all models it’s possible to make changes, whether in terms of colors, leathers, textures and soles, or it’s possible to have a completely customized model from scratch.

Create unique custom shoes made to your expectations.

Color and material are important components of a shoe. By being able to customize it, you can give a unique and detailed look to the shoes, which meets what you want for your brand.

We have great knowledge when it comes to materials and colors, so we help you make the ideal choice.

People with very small or very large feet often have difficulty finding shoes. Our customization also involves tailor-made solutions, even for cases where the left foot is different from the right.

Consumers are increasingly looking for something unique and special, for days that are also unique. Create something that is yours.

Development of made-to-measure footwear for all types of disabilities.

We produce models suited to the customer’s needs, with the aim of ensuring greater comfort and improved quality of life.

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