Shoe production is where your ideas gain life!

You don’t need minimum quantities, in our factory we make 10,000 pairs of samples per year and small productions.

If you are looking to make a larger production, we subcontract one of our partner factories, where we do quality control for our customers.


Before starting any type of production, it’s necessary to plan and industrialize the different components of the shoe, such as insoles, soles, shoe last, molds, etc.

These developments are essential for everything to fit together perfectly and for optimizing production processes.

A shoe model does not have only one size available.

The molds are sized according to the sizes you want, whether in french, english or american scale. We use MindCad 2D software to create this scaling rigorously and with the rules that we define.

As in the mold scaling, the shapes are scaled according to the sizes that we define.

Length and volume measurements are adjusted and scaling rules are created depending on the type of footwear (woman, man or child).

Inventory of materials is carried out to ensure that nothing fails.

We analyzed the needs and checked with each supplier if everything is within the normal range to place the order.

So that all steps run smoothly and that there is a link and greater profitability in all manufacturing sectors, a detailed planning is carried out between material deliveries and production times.


Every project is different, so the production place is chosen according to your needs, always defending your interests and focusing on getting a final product with the best quality within the planned deadlines.

Our factory is prepared to produce small productions in addition to prototypes, samples and customized shoes. In this way, it’s possible to respond especially to new or very specific projects that can’t reach the higher quantities that other factories require.

The sourcing is made trough partnerships with several factories specialized in each type of footwear and several types of constructions. These partnerships also give us the capacity to ensure large productions.

Sometimes negotiating with manufacturers or suppliers can be complex, but through our knowledge and experience in the footwear area, we can get the best conditions for the best price, always looking out for your interests and rights.

Defining deadlines is important so that the brands don’t fail with what was stipulated.

Between material orders and manufacturing phases, it’s always analyzed if the expected dates are being fulfilled.

.Quality Control

To make sure that high quality standards are maintained, we closely supervise all aspects of the shoe making, from the quality of the materials to the different steps of the manufacturing process.

When materials are delivered for production, it’s made a control of the quality, color, thickness, finish and other factors. The main objective is to analyze if they comply with the approval sample.

All aspects and steps of the process are supervised to ensure that everything meets your standards. We have experienced technicians who can assess quality and anticipate problems before the shoe is finished.

A certificate of good manufacturing practices demonstrates the ability to produce within strict standards, precautions and care.

If you wish, we can send an independent entity to carry out an audit.

Sustainability is not just about the materials used.

We seek to avoid energy waste, recycle and implement a production process with a more positive ecological footprint.


Once the shoe is produced, the big concern is to get it into your hands.

Our team is prepared to give you all the support you need, from the moment the product leaves our facilities until it reaches its destination.

You don’t need to worry about documents, packaging and labeling procedures. All export logistics are handled by us to ensure delivery is fulfilled.

Due to our experience and permanent research, we suggest the best offers according to each destination and type of transport needed, whether by land, air or sea.

Transporting without damage is essential and requires packaging suitable for the conditions of transport.

We always consider the cargo shipped, the itinerary, the duration and the transport itself.

Safety first.

All shipments booked with us are carried out by internationally renowned carriers, which already have basic insurance included in the price. You can add additional insurance in the booking process.

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