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Brand Concept

Market, Consumer Insight, Trends, Benchmarking 

Mission, Vision and Values, Positioning, Goals, Competitive  Advantage

Creative concept, Logo and naming, Manual identity, Tone of Voice

Marketing Mix, Touch Points, Communication, Implementation Schedule

Design & Engineering

Project Analysis, Trend Analysis, Research Materials, Consultancy

Sketch, 2D Design, 3D Design, Tech Pack

Shoe Last, 2D Patterns, Grading and Cut Patterns, Technical Support

Technical Design, 3D Design, Mockup, Molds

Product Identity

Compact Cardboard Standard, Compact Cardboard Premium, Cardboard + Corrugated Cardboard, 3d Mockups

Low Relief Engraving, Printing, Laser, Embroidery

Fabric, Rubber, High Frequency, Hang Tag

Sulfite Paper, Dust Bag, Shoehorn, Postcard


Raw materials sourcing, Supplier selection, Tests, Certifications

Feeting Test, Design Evaluation, Optimization, Feasibility verification

Sales, Confirmation, Technical Sheet, Sample Room

Color & Material, Measures, Wedding, Orthopedic


Product, Editorial, Manufacture, Photo Shoot

Fashion film, Making-of, Manufacture, Teaser

Website, Catalogs, Presentations, Graphic

Content Creation, Social Media Ads, Community Management, Measurement and Reporting


Mold Scaling, Shoe Last Scaling, Materials Inventory, Production Planning

Small Quantities, Sourcing, Price Negotiation, Deadlines

Materials Control, Monitoring, Certifications, Sustainability

Support, Transport, Packaging, Insurance


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